I absolutely love the République du chiffon patterns. I love the style they go for, with a vintage feel to it. And Diego is no exception! But I know that even if I love all of them, there are some of these that I wouldn’t be able to pull off or wouldn’t fit me or match what I actually wear. But I can assure you that Diego gets its fair share of wear!

Green needlecord Diego #1

Diego the high-waisted pants

Diego is a pair of high-waisted pants, and the pattern was released a few years ago now. I like its high waist, its ankle cuffs and the tiny pointy belt loops detail.

When I saw it, I immediately imagined it in needlecord.

Green needlecord Diego #2

I made a first version a few years back, but the adjustments I made were… not so great, to say the least. The result is totally wearable (the elasthan in the fabric makes it a bit more forgiving) but it has a lot of fit issues that bother me. And at the beginning of the year, I thought it was silly and it was time another version, with the proper adjustments.

(I think I have a serious thing for green at the moment, so get ready to see some here!)

Green needlecord Diego #3

My version

This time I chose a pretty cotton needlecord from Metermeter. It creases a bit (totally normal, it’s cotton) and you have to be careful when ironing (totally normal, it’s velvet), but I loooove this fabric.

As to sizing, as usual, I graded between several sizes:

  • 42 for the waist
  • 46 for the hips
  • 42 for the legs.
Green needlecord Diego #4


Full seat adjustment

As usual, I made a full seat adjustment: I added 1.5cm to the back piece width on the hip line, and it’s working well.

I could go with 1cm more, but totally optional.

Green needlecord Diego #5
Green needlecord Diego #6

My impressions

I love these: they’re comfy, I like the cuffs and it looks so good in needlecord. My only regret is that I didn’t shorten the legs, which are a tiny bit long for me.

Green needlecord Diego #7
Green needlecord Diego #6

On these pictures, I’m wearing Diego with a Plantain teesh from Deer and Doe, and my Meandering shawl from Stephen West.