Hi there! Welcome on my brand new shining blog.

This blog is going to be the place where I talk about sewing and knitting mostly. Maybe other DIY stuff if I feel inspired.

My name is Roxanne, I’m a software engineer by day and crazy sewist and knitter by night. I decided to finally launch this blog, in order to document and share my project.

OK, I know what you’re thinking about right now: ‘Blogs are so 2015, now with social media and Instagram, you don’t need one of those…'

Well, allow me to disagree. I do like blogs! You can find tons and tons of informations you don’t find on IG, and it’s not all about fire and forget. And I find it’s a good way for me to document and catalog my project, a sewing and knitting journal if you wish. This way I’m able to quickly check the previous adjustments I made, the notions, the sizes and so on.

And maybe it’ll be useful to a few fellow blog lovin’ sewist like me out there. It’s be a blast :)

I’ve been crafting stuff for quite some time now. I began knitting around 12/13 years old, and sewing since I was 16 years old probably. But I’ve been seriously sewing and knitting since 2015. Today I can say that 99% of the new items in my wardrobe are handmade (yes there are exceptions)(no, I don’t make my socks and sportswear)(I got a life to live ;) ).

And how did I end up making my own garments? Well it’s simple. First of all, I love it. I feel like sewing and knitting shut my brain off and it’s such a good hobby for me to disconnect from my job and daily routine. But I have to admit, it’s also convenient for me because like so many others, I don’t fall into the standard sizing system of RTW. And also because I know precisely what I like. Which makes me a horrible shopper, I never find what I want, what I like, and nothing that fits. By crafting my own garments I can:

  • wear stuff that fits me well,
  • match exactly what I want to sportswear,
  • match my tastes and ethical sense (choice of projects, choice of fabrics, etc.)

And well, who am I kidding? There’s nothing more satisfying when you can say to someone’s complimenting your outfit that you’re the one who made it…